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Does your computer need an upgrade?  We can transfer whatever hardware you still have or want to keep into a new case or even rebuild you a brand-new machine putting in your old hard drives and transferring your data across for you.   We can move your old motherboard, memory, DVD, Blu-ray, CD Rom drives, hard drives into a new case or by replacing your motherboard entirely with a new one.  We can upgrade your memory for you and install whatever other hardware you may require suiting your needs.


Memory Upgrades


If you require new memory installed, we can decide what are the best options for you.  You must make sure the memory you choose to install with existing memory is of equal speed as if it is slower then it will reduce system performance.

We can take the entire burden away from you about which memory upgrade to go for or if it is even worth upgrading at all.

You can increase system performance by changing older slower memory for newer faster memory, but this often leaves you with memory modules which unfortunately become unusable and worthless as nobody wants slower memory anymore.  This is unfortunately the downside of upgrading but we can recycle any old memory modules for you.




If you want to upgrade your processor and are not sure which one is best suited for you then we can help you decide.

Whether you want an AMD or an Intel processor we can help you choose the best options for you.




If you are not sure which motherboard you need and are upgrading, then we can look for the one you require.  We can take all the stress away for you so that you can have the machine you want without any of the worry of having to build, install or upgrade anything yourself.  We can tell you if your existing memory will work on your new motherboard or if you need to upgrade it as quite often with new hardware you need to change it, so it remains compatible.


Any questions you may have with regards to any upgrades you require we are always happy to help you.  We have home call out available so if you require a visit or have any questions please feel free to contact us by either email or by telephone.  We will get back to you as possible.

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