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Laptop Installation and Repair

If you have a cracked or broken screen, we can replace this for you.  Even if the laptop case has been damaged, we will aim to fix this.


Is your laptop not performing properly?  We can diagnose it for you while checking for any hardware problems.  Quite often with laptops which are used on the move and are in transit get components shaken loose which can lead to malfunctions.  Have you dropped it recently? Even if by accident or even if you thought it was not very much of a fall it can be enough to have caused some damage you may not be aware of.


Many laptop problems occur due to the fans getting clogged up with dust, pet fur or from simply just burning out.  This leads to overheating and the system becoming overworked and possibly causing the system to shut down unexpectedly.  Without proper cooling for your laptop you risk it causing further damage to key components such as the CPU or hard drive.  This in time will lead it to becoming unusable.


If you have a laptop that no longer boots up or is experiencing problems, then we can take a look at it for you and decide on what measures we can take to resolve the problem for you.


Check underneath for your Microsoft Windows product key as we can reinstall windows for you with this.  Keep a record of this product key as quite often the label becomes worn and the numbers and letters become unreadable.


We have home call out available if need be so if you would like us to collect it for diagnosis please send us an email or give us a call.  We are always happy to help you.

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