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Hard Drive Backup and Installation

If you have a hard drive which needs data transferring to another drive or just for back up purposes, we can copy it across for you.  We can install the new drive whether it is into a laptop, desktop or tower system.  If the drive is failing, we can make whatever attempts into retrieving the data and have several recovery methods which work very well in getting your data back for you.  We can put the data onto a new hard drive, DVD, Blu-ray or USB stick.  Whatever you require we aim to meet your requirements.

Sometimes with laptop hard drives they can become corrupted due to being shaken or even when they have been dropped accidently and the data can become corrupted.  We can use data retrieval methods to attempt to get the data back for you.

We can retrieve data from other such devices also such as USB sticks, digital cameras, mass storage devices and any other such removable media that you may have.


Unfortunately, quite often hard drives just wear out from natural wear and tear.  Sometimes this can also be from overheating due to lack of ventilation or overuse.  If you have one or several hard drives, we can help you with allowing them to get the correct ventilation, so they function properly.  Often the incorrect power supply is also used so data is at risk.  


Please send any queries in regarding any problems you may be experiencing, and we will aim to help you in any way we can.

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